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SALUSMODELS - Model Agency Frankfurt

I am Marius Narzynski, founder of SALUSMODELS (formerly named HANNANIK) - the model agency in Frankfurt for models, actors, dancers, and other creative talents. We are convinced that expressive body language significantly contributes to simplifying communication. It can also help to convince others and be deeply inspiring. Working with models and other talents in this very sensitive personality area requires a great deal of integrity and trust. It is also why we particularly love doing it, because our goal is to create room for self-fulfilment by achieving good cooperation and first-class management. We measure success based on a lot more than just the quality of our coaching sessions and our careful search for new models and talents; we also measure it based on the personal contact and quality of the dialogue we have with our clients. We help our clients to select the right models and actors. In addition to designing and planning projects for our clients, we also take care of their technical realisation – in Frankfurt and across Germany. We aspire to put brands into the limelight. This is something we can only achieve through a true understanding of the individual needs of our clients and the specific requirements for each project. We therefore look forward to discovering more about you and your project. We continue to grow with each project and each project awakens enduring emotions that we share with our clients.

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Marius Narzynski
Modelagentur Talentagentur salusmodels Frankfurt am Main Hanna Nikolayenko Marius Narzynski
New Models
Julianna Model SALUSMODELS modelagentur portrait newmodels
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bookable from: Frankfurt

Height: 175cm / 5'9"
Bust: 87cm / 34"
Waist: 66cm / 26"
Hips: 91cm / 34"

Dress: 34 / 8 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Shoes: 39 / 6 UK

Fans on Facebook: 414
Follower on Instagram: 3731
Model Modelagentur Frankfurt SALUSMODELS Modelagentur Portrait
Logo Schwan SALUSMODELS Modelagentur Frankfurt


bookable from: München

Height: 176cm / 5'9"
Bust: 85cm / 33"
Waist: 64cm / 25"
Hips: 90cm / 35"

Dress: 34 / 8 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Shoes: 39 / 6 UK

Fans on Facebook: 626
Follower on Instagram: 5505
Malena Model SALUSMODELS modelagentur frankfurt portrait newmodels
Logo SALUSMODELS modelagentur Frankfurt


bookable from: Frankfurt

Height: 178cm / 5'10"
Bust: 83cm / 32"
Waist: 63cm / 24"
Hips: 90cm / 35"

Dress: 36 / 8 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: gray-blue
Shoes: 41 / 10 UK

Fans on Facebook: 1290
Follower on Instagram: 9373
Alfonso model SALUSMODELS modelagentur frankfurt portrait newmodels
Logo SALUSMODELS modelagentur Frankfurt


bookable from: München

Height: 183cm / 6'0"
Chest: 104cm / 41"
Waist: 86cm / 34"
Hips: 99cm / 39"

Dress: 50 / 40 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: green-brown
Shoes: 44 / 10 UK

Fans on Facebook:
Follower on Instagram:
Luiza Model SALUSMODELS modelagentur Frankfurt Portrait newmodels
Logo SALUSMODELS modelagentur Frankfurt


bookable from: Germany

Height: 173cm / 5'8"
Bust: 85cm / 33"
Waist: 60cm / 23"
Hips: 87cm / 34"

Dress: 34 / 8 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Shoes: 39 / 6 UK

Fans on Facebook: 3324
Follower on Instagram: 1379
Rebecca model SALUSMODELS modelagentur frankfurt portrait newmodels
Logo SALUSMODELS modelagentur Frankfurt


bookable from: Wiesbaden

Height: 178cm / 6"
Bust: 90cm / 35"
Waist: 68cm / 25"
Hips: 99cm / 39"

Dress: 38 / 10 UK
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Shoes: 40 / 8 UK

Fans on Facebook:
Follower on Instagram: 810
Unsere Modelagentur Frankfurt Leistungen

Model Agency Frankfurt


    We are a traditional model agency, which represents models for fashion, advertising, the catwalk, magazines, and TV. We guarantee quick response times and models with impressive modes of expression.

    We can help you to select the right models for your project. Are you looking for a specific type of model? Not a problem, we will hold a casting specifically for your campaign.

    We cover the full administrative costs for our models. We will take care of all contracts, scheduling, and travel plans and ensure the smooth organisation of all transactions.

    We personally take care of all of our models. Test photoshoots with training in posing, catwalk training, and coaching are all part of our standard services.

    Of course joining our index of models is free of charge!

    We work together with our models to plan their individual careers. We help our models to show their personality and their strengths to full advantage. We develop comp cards, expand photo portfolios, and help our models to express their own unique identities – model management Frankfurt.


    We have dancers with the perfect sense of tact for every occasion. Discipline, passion, and meticulous perfection allow you to give every event the atmosphere it needs.

    Whether you are making a commercial, film, or play, we have excellent actors for any kind of project.

    Every important event can only be given the right framework with a compere or moderator. He takes the audience on a journey through the event and ensures your guests are in a good mood. Our moderators are eloquent and charismatic, making sure your event is something special.

    Our DJs have the right sounds and make every fashion show a one-of-a-kind experience.


    As a model agency, it is our job to put first-class photographs at the centre of our external communications. So it’s no surprise that SALUSMODELS offers its customers from Frankfurt and beyond a broad range of photography services.

    From job application photos, e.g. for Xing or LinkedIn, to elaborately produced advertising photographs, our professional team is there for you.

    We put your selected model in the perfect setting and produce top quality beauty and fashion photographs in our accessible in-house photo studio in Frankfurt with a total area of approximately 120 square metres.

    Experienced hair and makeup specialists ensure a unique look, which we perfect with digital image editing after the photoshoot.

    Designing and planning a photoshoot are everyday tasks for model agencies like us. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your objectives - in Frankfurt and across Germany.

    More about photography on:


Expressive models, professional photography and image editing, hair & makeup. All from the same company! We are experts in our field. Together with our models, we also have an experienced team. We would be happy to give you a full-package quote that will let you achieve your goals affordably and reliably - with us as your partner for strategic imagery.

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Models & Talents Booking
Models buchen Frankfurt

Booking Frankfurt

  • Are you looking for a strong advertising presence for your company, your product, and your services in Frankfurt? Our Model & Talent Agency will provide you with the suitable male or female models, dancers, or actors for a high quality and effective advertising campaign. We are an experienced and professional model agency in Frankfurt with high standards in casting. Let us impress you with our services. We highly value social media and actively represent our clients there to ensure their visibility. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at salusmodels. Our models & talents will draw attention to your brand in Frankfurt. Please contact us and we will be glad to advise you. If you wish, we will fully plan, design, and implement your advertising project. Throughout your campaign, we will be your personal contact, fully responding to your personal needs and wishes. We will support you with our extensive experience, including helping you to select suitable models or talents in Frankfurt for a strong and successful advertising campaign.

Model & Talent Castings
Casting Frankfurt

Become a model Frankfurt


    Do you live in or near Frankfurt and want to become a model, dancer or actor? Then our Model & Talent Agency is the right place for you. You do not need to have any experience or professional photos to apply. Just ask a friend or family member to take a few photos or a video of you with their mobile. The important thing is that the photos look natural and that you enjoy taking them. If you already have professional photos, that’s fine too. Feel free to send them to us. The more natural the impression we get from you the better we can judge if you are the right fit for one of our Frankfurt clients.

  • Models

    In order to become one of our Frankfurt models, women must be at least 14 years old and at least 1.73 metres tall. Men must be at least 16 years old and at least 1.83 metres tall. We will need three different shots of you: an unedited portrait photo without any makeup taken from the front, an unedited photo without makeup taken from the side, and a full-body shot in a bathing suit or tight-fitting clothing. Feel free to send additional, convincing photos.

  • Talents

    Are you a dancer, actor, or do you have a special talent? Then send us a convincing video that displays your strengths. We look forward to receiving your application. If we think you could be one of our models or talents in Frankfurt, we will contact you soon to invite you to a casting.

Public Relations Frankfurt
  • Are you a photographer, journalist, blogger, makeup artist, stylist, owner of a magazine or an agency, or an otherwise creative talent? Then we look forward to receiving your enquiry for a collaboration or partnership in Frankfurt. We would be happy to provide you with photos or information brochures. As a model agency, we organise exclusive test photoshoots with our models and work together with them on social media so that joint content productions such as photo shoots and making-of videos can be shared on our social media channels. We are convinced that these cooperative powers generate creativity that benefits you, us, and our clients and helps us all to succeed.

  • Only professional teams with creative minds from a variety of areas can ensure the best services. Each person can only develop their talents by working in a team and contributing their expertise to an excellent final product. Become our partner and work towards a common goal with us in Frankfurt. Experienced hair and makeup specialists contribute just as much to a successful photoshoot as a photographer or media person who ensures the distribution and fame of the performance. If your abilities can make a contribution in some way, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you in the future.

SALUSMODELS Modelagentur Frankfurt
About our model agency in Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt am Main - an international financial centre, an important centre for industry, service, and trade shows, and one of the world’s largest airports distinguish Frankfurt as an important hub in Europe. Frankfurt is also an important site for the fashion industry. Luxury boutiques in the Goethestrasse, exclusive fashion shows and events held by international and local brands, a constant need for photos and videos in the commercial field and, last but not least, the Frankfurt skyline complete the image of the city. This is Mainhatten. Reason enough for us to found our model agency in Frankfurt in 2016. Here, we are working on discovering new models and building their careers, accompanying established models along their professional paths with the ambition of being a modern model agency with high quality and devoted model management. We are delighted when models or talents introduce themselves to our agency and we are always glad to take the time for a personal meeting. Parents, siblings, and friends are all welcome to come along and to accompany their loved ones to a casting.

  • Of course joining our index of models or talents is free of charge! At regular intervals, we organise test photoshoots in our photo studio and offer training for posing and expression. Creating comp cards, workshops with catwalk training, and coaching are all part of our standard services. Whether you are an experienced model or a new face, if you would like to become a model please use our application form to apply to our model agency in Frankfurt. You can find an overview on how to apply as a model and what being a model entails here. We publish regular dates for open calls on our social media channels and are often on the look-out for specific model types for current jobs or film productions. --> To ensure you don’t miss out, like us or subscribe to us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! There you can find the latest news on our agency, behind-the-scenes shots, events, live streams, and stories on Instagram - come take a look!